Self-Directed Studies

The Gnostic Centre offers Integral Courses and Programs that engage the learner in self-directed studies, as they are need-based and encourage the learner in co-designing the content with the facilitator. The Centre offers Onsite courses and programs, as well as Online courses and programs. It also offers courses and programs in Blended mode.

The Centre has also organised Intensives and Talks in diverse fields, as well as Seminars & Conferences. It has worked both with individuals and with specific groups (students, teachers, corporates, parents, etc.) over the years.

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* To get a deeper understanding of transformative education, click on Academy of the Future (multimedia) icon.

Academy of the Future ‘A time will come when existing political, social and economic systems will no longer be valid. A time will come when new structures will need to be created that are holistic, global and inter-linked. New findings in the areas of social and scientific research will lead to new possibilities. Experimentation in every field of life would impact education. New structures, a New curriculum and a New kind of Teacher-facilitator would be required. …’ This multi-media explores the above hidden dimensions and presents a path-breaking proto-type of a new kind of Academy of the Future.

Academy of the Future: Mission Statement

  • The human being is an Evolving Being and has an aspiration to heighten, deepen and widen its consciousness to realize its utmost possibilities.
  • Education, in its true sense, is not merely for utilitarian purposes nor for purely spiritual or material ends… The need of the future is for an education that is Integral and brings within its scope the fulfillment of the Physical, Vital-Emotional, Mental, Psychic and Spiritual parts of the being.
  • As society grows more and more complex, and the problems of human existence, whether ecological, industrial, agricultural, climatic, economic and ethical are no longer being solved by the instruments of the Mental Ego Consciousness that dominates Man today, we are forced to recognize that only a change in consciousness from an Egoistic divisive one, to a consciousness of Inclusion, Harmony, and Goodwill are the hallmarks of a New consciousness that can bring about the remedy that the Earth so desperately needs.
  • A University that prepares such a consciousness, with the philosophical premise that “All Life is Yoga” is the hallmark of the universities of the future…
  • The university of tomorrow is a ‘work in progress’… It involves creating a new curriculum, courses, structures and an integral methodology and practice.