The Gnostic Centre’s Blended Courses are a mix of onsite sessions and online study.

Scripting Pathways of Change

Defining Your Own Narrative
A 12-week Blended Course

Primarily, the Course provides a safe space for sharing, reflections, and exploration of oneself, one’s dreams and aims, attitudes and relationships. It helps the participants self-design their process of change based on their insights, mirroring by the peer group and the facilitator. It nudges the participant to take a few steps forward their journey of progress.

The Course derives its framework from Integral Education and Integral Yoga concepts. It introduces methods for training the mind, refining character, developing the physical being and coming in touch with the inner being. The participants engage in various activities (meditation, reflection, assignments, study, discussions, creative activities, physical fitness activities, practice teaching, etc.). Participants’ needs and interests guide the course content and flow.

Group size is small (6-10) to enable individualised inputs and intimate and meaningful interactions.

The 12-week course is offered through Autumn/Winter each year. Onsite sessions of 180 min each are held twice a week. The participants combine this with online/self-study and assignments to deepen their engagement and practice.

The course culminates with an Action Research based project and presentation. Upon successful completion the participant receives a Course Certificate.

Course Facilitator: Anuradha

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