The Gnostic Centre’s Work with the Economically Weaker Section

The Gnostic Centre supports school education and learning of first-generation learners of its staff children, and those in its neighbourhood – the Economically Weaker Section – through….

  • Educational Funding & School Enrolment
  • Vocational Training & Value Education
  • Literacy, Art & Culture Classes
  • Financial Aid

A Report

Upcoming Project: Educating for Life

A project for 3 to 14 year olds from under-privileged backgrounds. ‘Educating for Life’ addresses the problems of illiteracy, of blinkered and narrow education, of delinquency and unemployment, of gender bias, child labour and child marriage. The approach it takes is to start locally with a small pilot group of 24 children – in keeping with the adage, ‘Think Globally, Act Locally’. The project would directly impact the lives of the children and their families residing on campus and around in its first phase. In the subsequent years, it would expand to include more children from the neighbourhood as well.
Project Brief

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