Certificate of Professional Studies

Online Courses & Programs

Online Courses & Programs – Graduate & Postgraduate Level – are offered through the Centre’s e-learning platform (International Centre for Integral Studies – ICIS). The programs encourage the student to address the dilemmas we normally face in our daily lives and gain insights and tools to deal with these from an inner poise. The student receives a Certificate of Professional Studies along with Grades and Facilitator’s comments, upon successful completion.

Program List

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One credit = 30 hours of study and coursework.

The programs currently offered span the disciplines of:

  • Psychology
  • Development Studies, including Management
  • Future Studies
  • Integral Education
  • Indian & Vedic Studies
  • Civilization and Culture
  • Integral Yoga

New Creation of the Self

“The “New Creation of the Self ” – an online course, by Ameeta, was a very satisfying experience personally. The modules were drafted in a manner which initiated a journey of the self – within oneself. The intensity and interest increased as the course progressed. When I was taking the course, it had become the prime objective of my day and even after a hectic day’s work, I would rush to my computer to do my projects and assignments. The course was designed towards an evolution of the self through the medium of self-discovery, self-realisation and self-mastery.”

Shibani DaraBusiness Head, Triburg (Apparel Buying House), Gurgaon

Integral Education: From Reflection to Action

“A truly comprehensive course, offered by ICIS, New Delhi. Offers an excellent perspective and understanding of the human mind and its potential towards flowering. The Course and the implementation model offers enrichment, facilitating growth and progress at the individual and collective level. A must for people engaged in the field of education.”

Nalini ShanmughamSecretary (Hon), Vivekalaya Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Coimbatore