Consciousness Development Courses are a key part of The Gnostic Centre’s work. The Centre holds Retreats, Short Courses, Workshops, Talks, and Study Circles to facilitate growth of consciousness. The primary aim of the Growth of Consciousness programs is to facilitate an inwardisation of consciousness, along with self-awareness and tools for self-mastery. The Consciousness Development Courses aim at helping the participant bridge the inner dimensions of one’s being with outer life, nature, relationships and work. The programs are meant for those seeking a personal change. The sessions are Experiential, with an emphasis on Practice.

Consciousness Development Retreats

Consciousness Development Courses & Workshops – Sample themes

  • The Science of Living
  • Power of Attitude
  • Dynamics of Consciousness in Work
  • Power of Imagination
  • Overcoming Stress
  • Cultivating Presence – through the way of the Horse
  • The Journey

Growth of Consciousness Series

Tools for Conscious and Mindful Living

Initiated by Integral Thinkers & Practitioners: Interactive Talks – Presentations – Short Sessions; in Higher Education institutes in Delhi-NCR. Each session is about 45‐60 minutes including Q & A.

Note: The Centre held a similar series in its early years, titled ‘In Search of the Soul of India’.

Study Circles

The Centre holds regular meditative Study Circles to facilitate a deeper understanding of Integral Yoga Philosophy and the processes of inner growth and change, such as:

  • Savitri
  • The Synthesis of Yoga
  • Life Divine

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