Learn how to Meditate

The fast pace of life today and the pressures we are under, make the search for peace and self-mastery urgent and necessary. According to the ancient science of yoga, we are not merely our body, mind and emotions, but the true “I” that is within us. Meditation holds the key to this self-finding for it helps one to live from within. At The Gnostic Centre, we teach meditation and encourage seekers to find their own inner ‘I”.

Meditation Courses 

Short courses on Meditation are conducted at least once a quarter. Do look at our calendar of events to see when the next course/workshop is scheduled. A regular offering is the course on Meditation for Inner Growth.

Guided Meditation CDs (with Music)

  • Cultivating Presence
  • Dynamic Meditation: Meditation for Transforming Work and Life
  • Meditation for Inner Growth
  • Meditation & Concentration (a Talk)

Book on Meditation

Meditation Spaces

  • The Meditation Hall (Delhi): The hub of The Gnostic Centre, the Meditation Hall stands as a sentinel, serenely at the back of the campus. The large French windows overlook the central vista that has trees planted to provide balance and enhance positive energy. The walls are lined with books. Circular alcoves attached to the central hall have floor cushions where visitors can either meditate or read quietly. Guided meditations, workshops and meetings are conducted here. A good part of the Library is housed here.
  • The Shrine (Delhi): In a space designed with light, space and fluid lines, the Shrine is home to Sri Aurobindo’s relics. Located in a silent zone, the Shrine is meant exclusively for silent meditation. Cushions are spread over a tiered bamboo floor and the ambient temperature is maintained at a comfortable level through a deep vent that warms in winter and cools in summer. When evening falls, small lights illuminate the inner space welcoming meditators and seekers, by both night and day. The Shrine can accommodate up to 50 meditators.
  • Meditation Caves (Himalayas): Set on one of the highest spots in the Monk’s retreat, meditation caves have been designed to provide meditators with a calm, quiet individual space with views of the Himalayas. In the process of construction, the meditation caves will be ready by early 2017. Five meditation caves are planned to sit nestled against each other in a steady line.
  • Community Hall (Himalayas): A small meditation hall is also available for group meditations and the beautiful orchards form a calm, natural setting for experienced meditators.