Organic Cafe

The Gnostic Centre offers organic food through its organic and natural food Alchemy cafe. All cultivation at the Centre – at all its campuses (Delhi, Aravali and Himalayas) – is organic. Some of the products that we grow / make are also available for sale.

Natural from Nature

Alchemy Café’s endeavour is to use ingredients which are seasonal, fresh and available at The Gnostic Centre. This, to a large extent, determines what is available at Alchemy. The foodstuff we grow at the Centre is pesticide free and the fruits, flowers and vegetables are nurtured with love and care, strengthening our belief that food thus grown truly provides soulful nutrition.

Products from Organically grown Trees

In the Jams and Marmalades that we make at the Café, we use no artificial preservatives. Our endeavor is to experiment and find Natural ingredients for preservation. One interesting fact that has emerged is that the flower/fruit which we use itself has a part which can be used as a natural preservative. For e.g. in our China Orange Marmalade, we use the seed of the China Orange as a natural preservative.

Pure and Organic Cooking Mediums

Try some of the purest home-made Ghee from cows fed on organic produce and Mustard oil freshly pressed from grown mustard by The Gnostic Centre.

Flower Syrups & Infusions

Flowers are the wordless prayer of Nature.

The Mother

Each flower has its unique aspiration, its own vibration, its true meaning. The Mother has given spiritual names to nearly 800 flowers, revealing their deepest aspiration. The Mother once said that flowers are able to transmit their pure psychic consciousness; flowers are very responsive to human consciousness and can actually help to develop it if one can come in contact with the true meaning of the flower.