The higher education programmes offered by The Gnostic Centre engaged the students in a consciousness approach. These are offered through its unit, The International Centre for Integral Studies. ICIS offers post-graduate certificate, diploma and degree level programmes and courses:
Nature of Study
– Direct Online Study through use of Internet & E‐learning platform Moodle

– Self‐paced learning from home anywhere in the world

Key Foundational Ideas

An education that is capable of tapping the true subjectivity within- to awaken the hidden powers that lie within of knowing and Being.
A focus on knowing through deeper contemplation and practice of mental silence: To pierce the true living meaning of ideas through the powers of concentration, widening of the mind and practice of silence
Dynamic, experiential and applied education which can help an aspirant for Knowledge to keep in constant touch with the truth of one’s being and new create it in Light of the Higher Self.
A focus on both personal and social transformation- i.e., the perfection of the Individual and the Collective.
To examine the limits of current disciplinary knowledge and revitalize it through the introduction of new ideas and research methodologies.

ICIS Faculty

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