Ameeta Mehra

Founding Trustee & Chairperson

  • Equine Management (Irish National Stud, Ireland) (gold medalist)
  • Management Education Programme (IIM, Ahmedabad)
  • BA Hons: English Literature (Lady Shri Ram College, University of Delhi)

Since the age of 14 Ameeta Mehra had one dream – to change the education system of India. It is this quest that started her off on the road of Integral Education, in 1986. After completion of college, Ameeta joined Mirambika as a teacher for 4 years, where she became grounded in the educational philosophy of Sri Aurobindo. She later took up International youth work, and also trained in Horse breeding and Management, along with a business management background. Ameeta considers herself first and foremost as a researcher and educator, and sees no difference between her work with the education of horses, and with the education of students.

Over the years Ameeta has conducted growth of consciousness courses and workshops such as ‘Explorations towards a New Creation of the Self and Society’, ‘Foundation Course for Facilitators’, ‘The Science of Living’, ‘Meditation for Inner Growth & Cultivating Presence’.

Ameeta’s published works include self-discovery books such as ‘Dhyana (Meditation for Inner Growth)’, ‘Abhaya (Fear: Its Cause and Cure)’, ‘Karmayoga (Perfection in Work)’ and ‘Sadhana (A Guide to Self-Mastery)’. She is also the editor of The Gnostic Centre’s journal ‘The Awakening Ray’.

Ameeta heads India’s leading stud farm, Usha Stud.

Ameeta has had an abiding interest in theatre, classical music (Indian and western), sports (especially tennis), literature and integral yoga.


Ameeta Mehra (Chairperson, The Gnostic Centre) won the Outlook Business Women of Worth Award 2017. The award (given annually) celebrates powerful women excelling at their individual entrepreneurial journey. (Details & Coverage)

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