Hema Routela

Faculty, L’avenir (an integral education based preschool of The Gnostic Centre)

  • Teacher Training Course, Mirambika Teacher Education Institute, Sri Aurobindo Education Society (Delhi)
  • Vocational Training – Tailoring (Sri Aurobindo Education Society, Delhi)
  • BA (Sociology, Political Science, Education), Kumaun University, Uttarakhand

Hema Routela has taught 4 year olds at Mirambika Free Progress School (Delhi). The focus areas in her work with the children have been – story and song making, art and craft work including weaving, dance, sports and yogasanas.

Hema joined The Gnostic Centre in April, 2017.

In Hema’s words:

“I want to become independent in life and help my family. I love to work with children; while working with them, I do all my work sincerely. I want to progress and to bring perfection in all my work.”