Faculty, L’avenir (an integral education based preschool of The Gnostic Centre)

  • Teacher Training Course, Mirambika Teacher Education Institute, Sri Aurobindo Education Society (Delhi)
  • Vocational Training – Handmade Paper (Sri Aurobindo Education Society, Delhi)
  • Fine Arts (Kalaniketan Institute, Deoghar)
  • Intermediate: Commerce

Hrishikesh has taught 7 year olds in Mirambika Free Progress School (Delhi), and has facilitated Art workshops in different schools. He has also facilitated workshops for teacher-students of B.Ed. and B.El.Ed. programs – in sensorial development and in physical education.

An artist by interest and training, Hrishikesh is also skilled with his hands – in palying the guitar, carpentry, clay modelling, cooking, craft from waste materials, origami, and stitching, besides creating beautiful objects with handmade paper. His other interests include gardening, music, sports, horse riding, cycling and Tae-kwon-do.

Hrishikesh joined The Gnostic Centre in April, 2017.

In his words:

“I aspire to internalise the whole process of Integral Education and know myself in a deeper sense in relationship with the surrounding I live with as a learner-teacher. I also aspire to refine my artistic faculties and explore fine arts and the domain of Arts in Integral Education to their full potential. I aspire to tread this path of Integral Progress adding as much value as I can to the place and Institution I work with.”