‘Education to be complete must have five principal aspects relating to the five principal activities of the human being:

the physical, the vital, the mental, the psychic and the spiritual.’

The Mother

L’avenir Curriculum

L’avenir is based on the educational philosophy of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. The Curriculum has four main components. However, the Curriculum is only a broad framework; the driving force is each child’s curiosity and need for growth.

  1. Psychic Education

  • Nurturing the child’s connect with the core of silence and beauty within
  • Inculcating a sense of Beauty and Nobility
  • Responding to the sense of inner unease when things go wrong
  1. Mental Education

  • Training the faculties of Concentration, Observation, Reasoning, Imagination, Judgment, Memory, and Intuition
  • Inculcating a Scientific temperament
  • Training in Mathematical skills (estimation, sequencing, sorting, etc.)
  • Concepts of Shape, Size, Colour, Weight, Number, etc.
  • Language & Communication
  1. Vital Education

  • Refinement of Character
  • Training of the Senses
  • Cultivation of Aesthetic Sense
  • Channelisation of Energy
  • Socialization skills
  1. Physical Education

  • Posture, Balance, Flexibility
  • Stamina, Strength, Speed
  • Eye-hand coordination, Aiming
  • Gross & Fine motor skills
  • Rhythm & Grace
  • Food & Hygiene
  • Response to Pain & Illness
  • Care of material objects
  • Dignity of labour

An Overview

Learning Environment

L’avenir offers a space to young children that combines the warmth of growing up in an atmosphere of love with the joy of discovering oneself and all that is around… the colours, the sounds, the numbers, the words, the ants, the grass, the emotions, the movements, the silence… It offers them a time to dream and a time to make these dreams come true.

The Preschool facilities include…

  • Vast expanse of green spaces, beautifully laid out gardens with flowers, mounds, bamboo bridges, lily ponds, fish, birds, peacocks…
  • Aesthetic and child-friendly classrooms arranged so that the child can access a variety of resources and activities independently
  • A playground with specially designed physical education equipment: monkey bars, balancing beams, jungle gym, swings, sand-pit, mud-house, tunnel, trees, tyre swings, rope ladders, cycles…
  • A library with well-chosen books and resources
  • A large indoor space (yoga studio) for yogasanas, movement & rhythmic activities, basic gymnastics
  • Access to silent spaces such as the meditation hall and the shrine
  • Access to the seminar space for watching films and audiovisuals
  • Access to the great rolling grounds at Quietude
  • Access to the adjoining horses, tractor rides, haystack jumping…
  • Pathways through adjoining farms and around for Nature walks
  • A terrain for Adventurous activities
  • Carefully chosen learning aids such as Wooden blocks, Story books, Flash cards, Puzzles, Tool sets, as well as audiovisual resources and books