L’avenir Preschool Team

All that L’avenir aims at cannot be achieved without a committed and sensitive team of teachers. It needs teachers for whom being with children is an enjoyable experience through which they too progress. We are fortunate to have such a team at L’avenir.



Sunaina Singh



  • Dr. Monica Gupta – Is presently guiding the team to put together and bring out a book based on L’avenir’s work on specific issues with children)
  • L’avenir ex-students who come back to share and to teach the preschoolers on their own days off from their school !!
  • L’avenir parents who like volunteering their time and skills on special occasions

L’avenir is like a second home for my children. It is the sort of place where parents dream of sending their children to.

It’s not just a playschool, it’s an extension of our efforts as parents of trying to bring up our children in the best possible way; instilling the right values as human beings.

L’avenir is a positive place with kind, gentle, loving souls who look after our little angels like their own. The perfect place for our tiny tots to begin their journey of hope and fulfilment.

Ruchika Yadava14 Nov. 2016 (Parent, batch: 2016-17)