Parenting Workshops

At L’avenir, Parenting Workshops form a key part of creating an integral learning environment for children and involving the parents in the process.Parenting workshops are held to facilitate a deeper understanding of the Integral approach in parents. These workshops also provide a space for the parents to engage in self-development, meditation and reflection upon their role as parents.

In addition, there is a regular and intimate interaction between the teachers and the parents. Individual parents’ meetings twice a year based on a detailed and comprehensive report on each child sent to the parents in advance.

Group meetings / orientations are held to familiarise the parents with the philosophy and working of L’avenir, as well as to provide a forum for child-specific concerns to be raised and resolved together.

A few recent themes:

  • Building the Child’s Inner Strength
  • Inculcating Love for Beauty
  • Inner Story of my Child
  • My Role as a Parent
  • Needs of the Child
  • Parenting Challenges

Workshops for L’avenir Teachers

Training sessions for L’avenir teachers are held regularly, and intensives are held during the vacations. These facilitate a deeper engagement with the practice of Integral Education, and provide an opportunity to reflect on one’s own practice as well as learn from each other, and develop a shared understanding.

Issues taken up cover a vast range, such as:

  • Building up sensorial, fine and gross motor skills
  • Carrying out action research
  • Child Observation and Report writing
  • Developing one’s own format of planning and evaluation
  • Initial Mathematics
  • Innovative methods of child observation’
  • Language skills
  • Leading a more integrated life
  • Team building
  • Understanding the needs of the child
  • What Integral Education means to me

The day I got to know about L’avenir and the day now, close to the graduation of Chinmay from the school, not for a single day have I looked back. L’avenir has been the ideal place for our kids to be, where I could be totally relaxed while knowing that kids are in such a safe, enriching and caring environment.

Personally, the sun basking at the cafe, spending time in silence, sometimes in discussions, time spent in the course SPOC, watching the organic farming on campus, playing badminton, yummy food cooked with so much love, spending time in the shrine or the meditation hall are all experiences that I will always cherish and will always remain close to my heart.

Getting in touch with even a bit of Education philosophy of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother has opened up my mind to the possibilities which are endless about perfecting oneself in all the ways possible. I don’t know how much I will be able to implement, but at least I have started seeing that possibilities are endless.

In our efforts for offering the best to our children, we have started changing for better, as the kids reflect us so honestly and we see truly a reflection of us in them, knowing ourselves better and better each day, and seeing that there is always something creative possible.

Stepping up to a different school now, guided by people I met at the Gnostic Centre, I hope we are able to continue offering the best to ourselves and our kids, and hence to the world being a better place (too far fetched is it?) 🙂

One single drop of water if changes, changes the texture and purity of the whole ocean. Each drop counts, as does each person in this World.

I would like to be in touch with Sunaina and the team at Gnostic for future guidance for my own self and the kids. and would be looking forward to more interactions with L’avenir, even after the session is over. This connection can never be lost.

Monica & Lokesh Setia4 Feb. 2017 (Parents, batch 2016-17)