The Gnostic Centre has created several Talks and Guided Meditation CDs. All of these have emanated from onsite programs.

Talks (by Ameeta Mehra)

  • Aspiration and Desire
  • Breaking Free: Looking Beyond the Mainstream
  • Key to Change: The Psychic Being
  • Meditation and Concentration
  • Nine Gems in Savitri
  • Power of Imagination
  • The Science of Living

Guided Meditations (by Ameeta Mehra) with Meditation Music

  • Cultivating Presence
  • Dynamic Meditation: Meditation for Transforming Work and Life
  • Meditation for Inner Growth


The Gnostic Centre has created several multimedia presentations (with beautiful images, and a soundtrack consisting of a narrative along with music) on various themes.

  • A New Education for a New India
  • Academy of the Future
  • Application of Mental & Vital Education in the Mainstream
  • Auroville & the Ideal of Human Unity
  • From Dream to Reality (The Gnostic Centre’s journey: 1996-2006)
  • In Search of the Soul of India
  • KD Sethna (Amal Kiran): a Centenary Tribute
  • L’avenir… the Future
  • Mastery through Attitude
  • Nirod da: a Life guided by Sri Aurobindo
  • Sri Aurobindo Gnostic Centre of Education
  • The Genius of Sri Aurobindo
  • War against Terrorism
  • Work as a Field of Progress: The Gnostic Centre’s Journey

A New Education for a New India

This is a path-breaking and dramatic story beginning from Macaulay’s minute, and traversing the map of international education models in different countries to an Aurobindonian concept of National Education. The multi-media moves like a fast detective novel and has been a best-seller wherever it has been screened. It has been endorsed and distributed by NCTE and shown in all the major schools of Delhi. This multimedia is for those seriously exploring the historical and cultural reasons for the state of Indian education, and the way forward to a new recovery of the Greatness of Indian Spirit of Education in Modern langauge and times.

Nirod Da: a life guided by Sri Aurobindo

“He who choose the Infinite, has been chosen by the Infinite.” (Sri Aurobindo)

It is rare to come across a person whose most striking characteristic is that when one things of him, one’s thoughts automatically turn to thinking of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. It is as if the disciple and the gurus are interlinked inextricably. And therefore, whatever Nirodbaran’s individual accomplishments – doctor, poet, sadhak, scriber, writer, teacher, speaker, friend, mentor and guide to innumerable sadhaks of integral yoga – his life can only be seen with reference to his relationship with Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. This presentation offers insights into Nirod da’s life… as an inspiration for many…

Academy of the Future

‘A time will come when existing political, social and economic systems will no longer be valid. A time will come when new structures will need to be created that are holistic, global and inter-linked. New findings in the areas of social and scientific research will lead to new possibilities. Experimentation in every field of life would impact education. New structures, a New curriculum and a New kind of Teacher-facilitator would be required. …’ This multi-media explores the above hidden dimensions and presents a path-breaking proto-type of a new kind of Academy of the Future.