Products by The Gnostic Centre evolve from its constant engagement in growth of consciousness.

  • Its quarterly journal, The Awakening Ray, curates real life experiences and articles relevant to application.
  • Books in the Interactive Self-Discovery series are based on Consciousness Development workshops and courses facilitated at the Centre. A book on Integral Education was created for National Council of Teacher Education (India) on NCTE’s special request.
  • Short films by way of multimedia presentations emerge from taking up issues of Education, Social change, Personal growth, etc. through a consciousness perspective.
  • Audio tracks of talks given, and Guided Meditation CDs (with music) form a part of the resources created.
  • Action research by course students, in the fields of Integral Yoga, Psychology, Self-development, Integral Education, Transformative Learning, Ecological living, etc., contribute towards a rich offering of Monographs that make for an interesting read as well as offer tools for self-change.

Some of these resources are available on request.