Travelling Within is a Retreat / Study Abroad in India program: For groups, including professionals, university students from India and abroad – held at the Centre’s Delhi campus and its campus in the Himalayas – the Monk’s Retreat. It is customisable based on the needs and interests of the group, and the duration, which may vary from a week to three weeks.

“It was immensely useful, practical practices, stimulating meditations and loads of takeaway. The format was very organic, suiting to each one’s need and easy to comprehend and follow. The Retreat met my objectives – I wasn’t prepared with my objectives on my arrival, I wanted to know my future path. My takeaways are – ‘The Inner Flame’ and ‘Practising Silence’. Overall, the Retreat was blissful, peaceful, joyful.”

Puja GosainCo-founder & Facilitator, The Sapling – holistic parenting

“It was very useful and enlightening. The format was very effective and helpful. This was my first experience in a workshop like this. I’ll experiment with the new ideas (many of them) I learned here in the future. The Retreat met all my objectives. Overall, it was excellent.”

Jaideep GhoshFaculty, Shiv Nadar University

“The Retreat has been extremely useful for me. In particular, I feel that I am in the position to be able to make some major changes in my life. The format was great; however, I feel it would have been better had there been more sessions. I feel I had a lot of time in between sessions where we could have had some reading and discussion sessions in groups instead. The Retreat has acted as a wake-up call/reminder to me in my spiritual journey. My project has been my greatest takeaway. The Retreat met my objectives to a great extent. Overall, it has been a completely amazing experience for me. Great group. Reflective and insightful sessions.”

Avleen Kaur VigUndergrad Student (DU)

“It was very useful, it took me deep and within. The format was so enriching, intense and yet no stress. My takeaway is my mantra: “I cannot be hurt, it is my Ego that is hurt.” I can meditate any time of the day. The Retreat met my objectives, and much more than that. Overall, it was a beautiful experience, lot of takeaways, everything was so well planned, thought of.”

Rubeeka PangteyCo-founder & Facilitator, The Sapling – holistic parenting

“It was very useful, deep, and helped me in self-reflection. The format was wonderful. My takeaway is that there is always a way to go deeper. The Retreat met my objectives. Overall, it was a wonderful opportunity for self-growth.”

Paromita GoswamiFaculty, Shiv Nadar University

“It was very helpful. The format was amazing. My takeaway is ‘living life to the fullest’. The Retreat met my objectives. Overall, it was amazingly great.”

Hitesh Kalra

“It was very useful. The format was smooth and completely understandable. My takeaway was that happiness is an inside job and so simple to achieve. The Retreat met my objectives totally. Overall, it was perfect.”

Ambika Singh Rikhye

Program Brochure

Program Brief

Travelling Within, an onsite Retreat designed by The Gnostic Centre, provides an opportunity to deepen an understanding of your self and your journey of life within the dynamic backdrop of India and its multifaceted culture. The program draws on the Indian concept of an Integral Science of Living.

The Travelling Within program has a powerful and transformative design, innovative and individualised, where the participant is facilitated to come in touch with her/his mission and goals, and develops an individualised theme to work on as a project which is presented at the end of the retreat to the group. The project provides a valuable  tool to continue Travelling within after the program. There are both group and individual sessions with the facilitators and special topics and themes are taken up to enhance the themes chosen by the participants.

The Program, as all offerings of The Gnostic Centre, is inspired by the integral vision developed in India by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.

The program is offered in flexible formats and for varying durations as per the needs of the group. It is also offered as a Study Abroad in India program for overseas students.

Program Components

Each group Self-designs the Program, selecting from the following, based on its needs, interests and program duration:

  • Developing a mission statement and goals that can serve as guiding principles for one’s day to day life
  • The nature of the mind and its unlimited potential
  • Five powerful practices to transform one’s life
  • The practice of the present moment – living fully now
  • Learning to listen to oneself and others
  • Mindful and joyful living – conscious eating, conscious sleeping and conscious work
  • Gaining energy and doing more in less time
  • Understanding the Secrets of delight in work
  • What is Love? Relationship with oneself, others and the divine
  • Understanding Money – the power of wealth and how to live in abundance
  • Listening to Music – appreciation of local music and spiritual traditions
  • Best Practices to live your best life
  • Practising a Living Silence – equanimity of mind and heart
  • Awareness in the Body – hathayoga, pranayama, and body work
  • Understanding and dealing with Death
  • Other themes of discussion based on the groups needs

Special Features

  • Critical Thinking applied to Existential Questions, such as Celebrating Diversity, The importance of Beauty, the problem of Pain, the difference between Religion and Spirituality, the meaning and understanding of Death, Wealth and Love etc.
  • Mindful nature walks in the oak forested hills of the Himalayas. You will walk consciously, with controlled breathing while being fully aware of every aspect of the walk.
  • The Joy of Giving – the Art of Local Cuisine – walking in the woods and collecting local herbs and preparing fresh food together. You will enjoy the benefits of collaboration through group cooking with indigenous spices and herbs.

On special request

  • Cultivating Presence through the Integral Way of the Horse. As the Delhi Campus is located on Usha, India’s premier thoroughbred stud farm, you will see the Integral vision applied to the business of horse breeding.
  • Glimpses and tastes of Delhi. You will have a day-long excursion to historic places in Delhi that includes a heritage walk and sampling of traditional Indian dishes.