What is the Vision of The Gnostic Centre?

The Gnostic Centre is a research centre for the growth of consciousness. Its vision and work is to create and establish a prototype of the universities of tomorrow, which Sri Aurobindo considered as one of the best means of preparing the future humanity to receive the new consciousness that will transform human nature and society.

The Key words of this evolving Academy of the Future are: Aspiration, Integration and Transformation. We call upon all those who have an aspiration towards this new light of consciousness and knowledge to join us. (E-mail us: gnostic@gnosticcentre.com)

To establish lifelong and continuous education, the Centre offers programs in areas such as: Integral Psychology, Teacher Education, Green Practices, Self Development, Conscious Leadership, Indian Studies, Arts and Culture, etc. The Centre also houses an innovative preschool called L’avenir.

Where is the Centre located?

The Centre is located in the beautiful, vast and serene environment of a farm on Delhi-Gurugram (Haryana) border, in Bijwasan (Delhi, India) and has a Himalayan campus called The Monk’s Retreat where it conducts its Study Abroad and other programs. It also has a developing ecological campus in the Aravalis (Rajasthan).

You can do a lot at the Centre…

Sign up for Onsite Programs


Learn through Experience… through workshops and courses in Consciousness development, Art and Culture, Green Practices, and more.

Sign up for Online Courses


Gain insights through a Consciousness perspective – into the Self, into Vedas, Upanishads & Gita, into Psychology, Management & Education.

Come and Meditate


Immerse yourself in the serenity that pervades the Centre’s atmosphere… Spend quiet time in reflection, contemplation, meditation.

Subscribe to The Awakening Ray journal


Gain insights and tools for Conscious Living through the quarterly journal of the Centre.

Visit the Organic & Natural Food Cafe


Everything is hand-crafted; several products are completely organic… the ambience is great.

Enrol for Fitness Training


Individual attention… exercise with machines, aerobics, yoga, pranayama, with a connection to Nature around.

Visit The Gnostic Centre


Spend a day or a few hours at the Centre amidst Nature and with yourself – at the Cafe, in the Meditation spaces, in the Gardens…

Contact L’avenir Preschool for Admission


L’avenir takes in 2-year and 3-year olds… into a world that is centred on the children’s needs, with utmost love and care.

Enrol your Children for Classes

Adventure Activities

Expose your children to the joy of learning naturally through exploration and experimentation, self-reflection, and adventure.

Stay at Quietude


Give yourself a treat… come and spend a few days in the Centre’s beautiful campus – in Delhi, but away from the hustle-bustle.

Enrol at the Library

Delhi-meditation hall

Delve into the carefully selected collection of books… take a membership.

Organise a Session at Synthesis


You may hold your own session or meeting at Synthesis (a seminar space).

Stay at The Monk’s Retreat in Himalayas


Spend time in the Himalayas, staying on top of a hill, in a quaint village, in aesthetic and comfortable accommodation.

Organise a Camp / Retreat in the Himalayas


The Centre’s Himalayan Campus is available for individuals and groups – for their own Sessions, Camps, Retreats.

Purchase Books, DVDs, Guided meditation CDs & more


A collection of Centre’s publications and products, along with some books and incense from Sri Aurobindo Ashram.

Volunteer your Services


Come and work at the Centre… in the gardens, or the cafe, or at the library, or at the preschool. There may be other possibilities that emerge. Please send details about your interests and expertise, and time availability, along with your full contact information. Our team will get back to you.

Donate for a Good Cause


The Gnostic Centre has an 80-G exemption. Make a tax free donation for a good cause.

Highlights 2017

Ameeta Mehra (Managing Trustee, The Gnostic Centre) won the Outlook Business Women of Worth Award 2017. The award (given annually) celebrates powerful women excelling at their individual entrepreneurial journey. (Details & Coverage)

The year has been special as the 20th Anniversary of The Gnostic Centre and the launch of special Onsite programs as well as Online short courses.

Onsite Programs (new launch)

Travelling Within Retreats

Conscious Living and Learning Retreat

Conscious Business Retreat

Integral Art and Architecture Weekend

Online Short Courses (new launch)

Upcoming Events

Darshan Day Meditation

Feb.21 – on the occasion of The Mother’s birthday

Towards the Light Within

Feb.21 onwards – 8-week ONLINE course facilitated by Dr. Monica Gupta

‘Savitri’ reading & Meditation

Every Saturday, 9.00 am to 10.00 am at The Gnostic Centre – ‘Savitri’ reading & Meditation – facilitated by Ameeta Mehra